56-Year-Old Grandma Saves Police Officer’s Life By Jumping On Criminal’s Back

Not all heroes wear capes. And it turns out not all of them wear uniforms, either.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, grandmother Vickie Williams-Tillman was in her car running errands.

As she was driving by she noticed Officer Billie Amie in an argument with a civilian. Something in her gut told her Officer Amie needed help. She rolled down her car window and asked if he needed assistance.

In that very instant, the man jumped on Officer Amie, grabbed his baton, and began hitting the cop on the head.

Vickie slammed on her brakes, called 911, and got out of her car. She jumped on the back of the criminal as he was reaching for Amie’s gun.

“I’m just glad that he’s here,” Vickie tearfully told Inside Edition. “He was in a struggle. He needed help. I said ‘I can’t leave him.’ I looked in his eyes, and he looked back at me.”

The two fought off the man until backup arrived.

In the video below, Vickie is honored by Officer Amie, the police chief, and the mayor.

“This a true here right hero that saved my life,” Officer Amie says at the ceremony.

Police identified the suspect as Thomas Bennett, who was arrested and charged. Vickie’s heroism went above and beyond what is asked of any civilian. I can only hope I would do as much for my fellow man if I ever encountered a similar situation.

“I’ve always been a tough cookie, my husband always told me,” Vickie says.

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