Mom Freaks Out When Her Dog Goes Missing, Then Gets Text He’s Been ‘Kidnapped

For any animal parent, there is nothing scarier than thinking your pet is safe and sound at home, but then when you look around, you realize they are not.

There are many things that can happen to our animals. If they are a little adventurous and happen to see a squirrel in the yard, they may go for a run and not realize they’re getting lost.

Or, they can be taken right from your yard or home. Many times, if an animal is taken, the outcome can be very horrible.

In this instance, it was all just a joke.

Sean is a college sophomore who really loves his dog Willy, a 7-year-old miniature Shetland collie. Sean decided that one day, when he was visiting home, he was going to take Willy back to school with him, but his parents didn’t exactly love that idea. His mom freaked out, and rightfully so!

Willy, named William Wallace III, is Sean’s adorable family dog. While on break from Oregon State, Sean had the bright idea to “kidnap” Willy and smuggle him into school.

Sean told BuzzFeed News that he’d actually tried this act last semester, but his parents caught him fast. At the time, his parent’s reactions weren’t extreme, so he thought they’d get a kick out of it if he tried again.

Sean took a huge tub of Willy’s food, a sack of his favorite toys, and loaded him into his car. Willy got a prime spot up front with Sean, and they were off to Sean’s apartment at Oregon State!

But, as Sean got close to his apartment, which is over an hour away from home, he got a text from his mother, looking for Willy.

His mom was not as “chill” about the situation as before. According to BuzzFeed News, she freaked out and yelled at Sean, claiming he barely remembered to feed Willy when he was home. She said he needed to bring him back.

Knowing he’d upset his parents, and realizing maybe college isn’t for dogs, Sean did bring Willy back home the next day. I’m sure Willy had one wild college night, and that was all he needed!

As for Sean, he shared the experience online and thousands of people have shared the story. Many other college students wish they could do the same. How would you react if your kid took your dog to school with them?

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